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YES, with patience and planning it is possible to purchase a home after bankruptcy!   It is wise to wait for two years after your bankruptcy to make this purchase.  By waiting you will probably get better terms and interest rate on your home loan, saving you money overall.  UPDATE Your Credit Report by watching for the following mistakes: Debts... Read More
What does it cost to file Bankruptcy?   Attorney Fees Attorney Fees are based on the complexity of your case and State laws. If you call several attorneys' offices for quotes, estimates will range depending on your circumstances and whether you are likely to file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13.  These fees should include the filing fee.  All the... Read More
A document preparer is exactly that - one who fills out forms and returns them to you to file your own bankruptcy case. They are not permitted to give legal advice or answer legal questions. The Trustees and the Bankruptcy Court tend to scrutinize these services and are more likely to find issues that would have been addressed by bankruptcy... Read More
How many years have you been in practice? What type of Bankruptcy is best for me? How do you know if I will qualify for Bankruptcy? What are your fees and costs? How long does this process take to complete? How do I get started? We are here to answer your questions personally and confidentially.  Please call 303-233-4200 for a free consultation.
Have you ever had a phone call and wondered if it was for real?  Here are some ways to tell if you just had a scam phone call:      1.  A call demanding immediate payment without any prior written correspondence.      2.  The caller demanding that you pay taxes without giving you a chance to question or appeal the amount.      3.  The caller... Read More