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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Legal Representation with Advanced Legal Services, Inc

For consumers who have special circumstances a Chapter 13 may be the most viable solution.  People who are trying to save the family home or who have significant income but need a structured repayment (partial to full) option may want to consider a Chapter 13 rather than the Chapter 7 option.  If you want to retain your assets while reducing your debt burden, you need the Denver bankruptcy lawyers at Advanced Legal Services, Inc, to help you navigate the Bankruptcy Process.

What is the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Process?

Our Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyers evaluate your circumstances and discuss your specific needs with you before any decision is made.  With our attorneys you will decide if a Chapter 13 debt reorganization works for you.  A Chapter 13 plan proposes a budget to allocate  your income in a manner that allows you to meet your normal living expenses and repay some portion of your debt over a period of time.  The plan may also include  payments that will allow you to keep property or other secured assets.

You may still have to repay a certain amount of unsecured debt based on your disposable income. The balance of the unsecured debt is discharged upon completion of the plan.

How Long Does the Chapter 13 Process Take?

Chapter 13 plans involves a three to five-year repayment budget. Due to the complex nature of the filing, the length of repayment is best determined by our legal professionals.

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