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What does it cost to file Bankruptcy?

What does it cost to file Bankruptcy?


Attorney Fees

Attorney Fees are based on the complexity of your case and State laws. If you call several attorneys' offices for quotes, estimates will range depending on your circumstances and whether you are likely to file a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13.  These fees should include the filing fee.  All the preparation should be done by the attorney's office from the paperwork supplied by you.  A Bankruptcy Attorney should accompany you to your Bankruptcy hearing.

Court Fees

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy filing fee is $338.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing fee is $313.

Please NOTE

DO NOT settle for the cheapest attorney!  Their lower fees could be an indication of their experience or lack thereof, or that they might delegate complex parts of your case to others. It is VERY Important speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney who has years of experience.  Most offer a free initial consultation.

Other Fees

You'll have to pay for the "required credit counseling certificate and debtor education course".  Please check with your Bankruptcy Attorney's office to see how and where to take these classes. 

To ensure all creditors and debts are acknowledged, you will likely have to pay a small fee for a comprehensive credit report. Then, if you own real estate, there may be costs an appraisal or a current market analysis.

Filing Bankruptcy is not simple and is not free.  You should therefore, be very careful to hire a lawyer that has been in the Bankruptcy business for numerous years.  You should also hire someone that makes you feel comfortable with.  Please call is for a free consultation at 303-751-2128.